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US Visas

US visas are grouped broadly into the non immigrant and immigrant visa for USA. While the latter group includes the various types of American green card, non-immigrant visas incorporate US work permits, study visas and short term US visas. Visiting the US for a short period requires a B1 or B2 visa, often referred to as a US visitor for business visa, and a US visitor for pleasure visa respectively. In both cases, the short term US visit visa is issued for a maximum of six months and although a range of business activities are permitted, clients present in the USA on this type of US visa may not engage in employment.

For those who wish to live and work in the US, America offers the H1-B visa which, although limited to more highly skilled positions is in effect a US work permit, requiring, like almost all US work visas a guaranteed offer of employment. The US also offers the L1 visa, an Intra Company transfer visa which allows US companies to transfer their existing employees in overseas operations to the USA for training or to fill a particular role. US work visas which fall into the non-immigrant visas category are not expressly intended as routes to permanent immigration, however, due to the lengthy processing times attached to green card applications, it is common for clients to enter the US on a temporary work visa whilst their green card application is processed. Whilst the L1 visa does not permit candidates to remain in the US, the H1-B visa does. Take the free assessment to determine which visa offers your best pathway to immigration USA.

USA Green Card – Permanent Lawful Residence

The US green card is perhaps the best known immigration document in the world; immortalised in film and still referred as a green card though the actual permanent resident card to give it its official title has not been green for decades. However, the many routes available for obtaining a Green card are less well known. Global visas assist with all green card applications whether sponsored by a US citizen or permanent resident or through one of the employment based green card routes.

EB Visas – Employment Based Green Cards

Employment based green cards for the US, or EB visas, are subdivided into five categories which provide routes to permanent immigration for a wide variety of overseas nationals. The EB-1 and EB-2 visa are both designed to attract highly skilled migrants to the US and with the exception of one subdivision of the EB-1 visa for candidates with extraordinary ability in their field, all applicants must have a job offer in place when they submit their application. This is also true of the EB-3 visa and EB-4 visa which both allow a range of overseas nationals to immigrate to the USA based upon employment. It should be noted that employment based green cards take a long time to process and that this processing period will be significantly greater for applications which are not in the first two tiers of the system which focus upon highly skilled migrants. As outlined above, it is common for people to relocate to the US on a temporary work permit whilst their green card application is processed. The final employment based US immigration route, the EB-5 visa, or US investor visa does not require candidates to have a guaranteed job offer, focussing instead upon the applicant being able to make a substantial investment in the US.

The US Green Card Lottery

Every year, the United States runs what has become known as the ‘US green card lottery’ which awards a limited number of permanent residence cards to applicants from countries who are underrepresented in the US. Clients from counties who already have a large presence in the US will not be eligible; however, your Global visas consultant will be able to advise you whether or not you qualify for this American immigration route.

Study in the USA

Three main types of US study visa are available, depending on the type of study which will be carried out. Overseas nationals travelling to the UK to partake in academic studies will need to apply for a US F1 visa, whilst vocational students will require an M1 visa. The J1 visa is also available for those who need to temporarily relocate to the USA to participate in training which is not available in their country of residence.

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