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Working in the UK

Tier 1 of the Points Based System in the UK directly replaces the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) though depending upon the client’s nationality the latter will continue to function during 2008. Both Tier 1 visas and the HSMP assess candidates on a range of key requirements, focussing upon their age, experience, earnings, qualifications, and linguistic ability. Candidates must reach a minimum points threshold in order to qualify and successful applicants will be granted leave work in the UK for any employer they choose. Tier one visas incorporate the business visa categories including the entrepreneur visa, innovator visa and investor visa.

For non-permanent immigration to the UK, the system of UK work permits, now included in the tier immigration system at tier 2 is designed to help UK employers to source employees from overseas. Tier 2 work permit applications are led by a UK employer and require the client to have been offered a full time position with the sponsoring company before the application is submitted. Although not expressly intended as a means to permanent immigration to the UK, a work permit holder may ultimately apply for permanent residency in the UK after a prolonged period spent working in the UK on this visa status.

Studying in the UK

In addition to UK study visas which allow overseas nationals to study in the UK where an offer of a place has already been obtained, the UK also offers the International Graduate Scheme (IGS) and a number of other academic and vocational schemes. In many cases students may engage in limited work whist in the UK, and through schemes such as the IGS, clients may be permitted to remain in the UK to seek employment with the possibility of switching into a long term UK work visa service.

Family Immigration Visas

UK citizens and permanent residents may sponsor their immediate family members, spouses, or partners to join them in the UK. In most cases, with the exception of the UK fiancé visa, which leads to a UK marriage visa, a candidate will be permitted to take up employment in the UK. Family members may relocate to the UK through the UK dependency visa and the UK ancestry provides another non-work based route to living in the UK for those who can claim British ancestry.

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