New Zealand Visa

New Zealand has much to offer both visitors and those who wish to start a new life overseas with spectacular landscapes that are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on the big screen. New Zealand offers a great climate, some of the best food and wine regions available and a culture that is passionate about sport and adventure. New Zealand offers an area the size of Colorado but with a population of around 4 million, which makes it one of the least densely populated countries on Earth.

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Visiting New Zealand

New Zealand offers a short-term tourist visa which is granted for up to three months and a longer-term visitor’s visa for those who need to stay in New Zealand for longer. The New Zealand visitor’s visa is a multiple entry permit which allows the holder to enter and depart from New Zealand, as many times as they wish within the 18-month duration of the permit, through the total time spent in New Zealand must not exceed 9 months. These short stay New Zealand visas also apply to those visiting the country to conduct business activities, although working in New Zealand is not permitted on this class of visa. The main requirement for a short stay New Zealand visa is that the applicant must be able to support him or herself throughout their time in New Zealand.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

The skilled migrant visa provides a route to permanent residency allowing overseas nationals to fill specific roles in New Zealand. The skilled migrant visa is a points based system which assesses candidates on their age, experience, qualifications, a pre-arranged job offer, and any skills which may be in shortage. A skilled migration visa application may also be supported by the skills and experience of an applicant’s partner.

New Zealand Work Permits

New Zealand issues work permits in two categories, the General work visa, and the work to residence visa, the latter of which is designed as a route to obtaining permanent residency in New Zealand. A Work to residence or WTR visa allows a candidate to progress to permanent residency after an initial two-year period, and is based upon a job offer in a field which appears on the Long Term Skill Shortage List or upon exceptional ability in the arts or sport. A general work permit, whilst also based upon a candidate having a job offer is not a route to permanent immigration and is granted for three years, although it can be extended as necessary.

New Zealand Business Visas

Not to be confused with the business stream of short term visit visas, New Zealand long term business visas apply to clients who wish to relocate to New Zealand on a permanent basis in order to start a business. In the first instance a New Zealand business visa of this kind is issued as a temporary business visa however, after three years, if the requirements of the visa continue to be met the candidate may apply for permanent residency through the New Zealand entrepreneur visa category. The long term business visa assesses candidates on several key criteria including their business experience their ability to invest, their ability to fulfil their business proposal and the benefit to New Zealand of the candidate’s presence in the country in terms of job creation and the introduction of new technologies to New Zealand. The essential requirements of this visa for New Zealand are that candidates submit a detailed business plan and that they have proficiency in the English language.

Investment in New Zealand

The New Zealand investor visa is a route to permanent residency and is based upon a candidate’s experience as a business owner as well as their ability to make a substantial investment in New Zealand. At present, the minimum investment required is NZ $2 million while a candidate must have at least five years of experience owning at least 25% of a company and functioning in a senior managerial role.

Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand issues study visas to those who can demonstrate that they have been offered a guaranteed place on a course of study at a recognised educational institution. Study visas are issued for a period of one year, which may be extended to allow the candidate to complete their course.

New Zealand Spouse and Partner Visas

Applying for permanent residency in New Zealand is also possible for family members of an existing New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. The New Zealand partnership visa applies to both married and non-married couples and requires that the parties have been married or cohabiting in common-law marriage for a minimum of 12 months.

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