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Canada Visas

A short stay visa for Canada is valid for tourism, short-term study or business visits, although as a temporary Canadian visa they do not permit applicants to work in Canada. Studying in Canada is permitted on a short-term visa; however, since Canadian visit visas are issued for a maximum of six months, the course duration cannot exceed this.

For those who wish to study in Canada for a longer duration, a Canadian study visa may be issued where a candidate is in possession of a guaranteed offer of a place on a course of study. Study visas are issued for the duration of the candidate’s course and allow the client to undertake limited employment on campus to supplement their income.

Canada Immigration

Canada offers a range of work visas and business visas, which allow clients to immigrate to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. Canada welcomes skilled migrants and like many of Canada’s working visas, the Federal Skilled Worker Visa is based on a points system, which assesses candidates on a range of criteria. The skilled migrant visa, and its Quebec equivalent, the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa are designed to attract the most highly skilled migrants to Canada and require candidates to obtain a minimum points threshold in order to qualify.

Canadian Work Permits

Canada also issues work permits which are not points based, and like US work permits, they are based upon a candidate securing a job offer with a Canadian company. Canadian work permits allow a candidate to live and work in Canada for their sponsoring employer and in the specific position only.

Canadian Business Visa

Canada offers three main types of business visa which make up the Canadian Business Immigration Program. These permanent Canadian visas for skilled business persons are, like the skilled migrant route based upon a points test, though the threshold is lower with greater emphasis placed upon business acumen and investment capability. As with all Canadian permanent residency routes, one of the key areas of assessment focuses upon the adaptability of a candidate and their ability to integrate with Canadian culture and society.

The Canadian Entrepreneur Program focuses upon overseas business people relocating to Canada to start a new business venture which will create positions of employment for Canadian residents. The Canadian immigrant Investor Program also caters for people who can provide evidence of a successful business record, although the key requirement in this category is the ability to invest substantially in the Canadian economy. The third component of Canadian business visa is the Canadian Self-Employed Immigration Program for those who will either buy and manage a farm or engage in a venture which will further Canada’s development in the arts, sport or culture.

Family Visa for Canada

While Canada aims to attract the most highly skilled migrants through a series of business visas and work focused immigration services, Canada allows existing Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor a range of close family relatives to relocate to Canada. Relatives sponsored in this way will be permitted to live and work in Canada upon arrival, however in all cases the sponsor must sign a sponsorship agreement under which they agree to be financially responsible for the sponsored applicant for a period of three to ten years.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Politically, Canada comprises 10 Provinces and 3 Territories and another feature of Canadian immigration is the Provincial Nomination Programs offered by several Canadian Provinces. Provincial Nomination Programs or PNP’s are not offered by all Provinces but where they are available they can often provide a less time consuming route to permanent residency in Canada and the requirements are slightly less demanding than the Federal Skilled Worker Program. However, it is important to note that the PNP’s are designed to allow Canadian Provinces to bring candidates who have a genuine desire to settle and work within a particular region. As a result, all PNPs focus heavily upon the candidate’s desire and intention to live and work there and candidates will be obliged to do so until they become a Canadian citizen.

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