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Global Visas is here to help you obtain a visa for any country in the world. We are an international immigration consultancy with teams of immigration lawyers all over the world.

Global Visas South Africa is the African branch of our organisation. Our team of immigration experts in South Africa are specialists in securing visas to and from the country.

This website is a satellite site for Global Visas clients based in South Africa. Visit our main site at GlobalVisas.com for full details about immigration to USA and Visa USA services, immigration to Australia and Visa Australia, immigration to Canada and Visa Canada, and immigration to UK and Visa UK.

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UK Visa

Global Visas provide the full range of UK immigration services and visas including the new Points Based System (PBS) for managed migration. As UK immigration consultants, we help South African nationals to obtain business visas, work permits and UK visas for skilled migration such as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP). Global Visas are perfectly placed to help candidates obtain tier 1 visas for skilled immigration to the UK and as immigration compliance specialists, we provide assistance with tier 2 work permits for both businesses and individuals. Under tier 2 UK visas require businesses to obtain a licence to sponsor non-UK nationals to live and work in the UK. We provide corporate visa services and we help UK companies to ensure that they secure and retain a license to sponsor overseas employees to immigrate to the UK under the tier visa system.

Global Visas also provide the full range of UK family visas, student visas and visit visas and assist with applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and UK citizenship.

Australia Visa

Every year Global visas help thousands of South Africans to realise their dream of immigrating to Australia. We offer the full range of Australian work visas and business visas from the points based skilled independent visa, and the skilled sponsored visa through to Australian work permits (the 457 visa) and the Employer Nomination scheme. We assist with all categories of the business skills migration program, including the business senior executive visa, the business owner visa and the business executive visa and we also provide assistance with family visa routes such as the Australian spouse visa, fiance visa and De Facto visa. All our Australian immigration consultants are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and provide assistance with anything from an Australian working holiday visa through to applications for permanent residency and Australian citizenship.

US Visa

The US immigration structure is one of the most complicated in the world with an enormous range of temporary and permanent visas from short term B1 and B2 visit visas through to the various types of US green card. Global Visas assist with application for US Work permits, the H1-B and H2-B visas, and with intra company transfers through the L1 visa. Our USA immigration lawyers also help with applications for permanent residency in the US through green cards and ultimately through US citizenship. US green cards can be obtained through family connections or though the EB visas, a five-tiered system of employment based green cards. Global visas obtain EB-1 and EB-2 visas for skilled immigration to the US as well as the EB-3 visa, EB-4 visa and the EB-5 or US investor visa.

Global Visas also assist with family visa applications and help with US spouse visas, fiance visas and family immigration services which allow the immediate family members of US citizens and permanent residents to immigrate to the USA.

Canada Visa

In Canada, visas and immigration services offer a broad range of different routes designed for those who wish to visit or to immigrate to Canada permanently. Like the UK and Australian immigration systems, Canada employs a points based system in visa services such as the Federal skilled worker visa and its Quebec equivalent the Quebec skilled worker visa, both of which are designed to attract the most highly skilled migrants to live and work in Canada. Canada also offers a range of business visas for entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed people as well as the Provincial Nomination Schemes (PNPs) offered by individual provinces. PNPs can often provide a quicker route to permanent lawful residence in Canada, for those who are willing to immigrate to Canada and live and work in their sponsoring Province. Global Visas assist with all PNPs currently offered as well as family visa routes, student visas, and applications for permanent residency in Canada and Canadian Citizenship.

As a firm specialising in Canadian Immigration we have access to the finest Canadian Immigration lawyers but also work with our own CSIC qualified agents.

South African Visa

Global Visas provide a comprehensive range of services for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re living and working in South Africa under a work permit or South African visa and would like to apply for South African permanent residency or South African Citizenship, or you’d like to retire in South Africa, our specialist immigration consultants can help you. Many South African visas and immigration services are offered as either temporary residence permits or as a means to obtaining permanent residency. Often, clients and businesses alike prefer to obtain a temporary resident permit first, since these can generally be processed more quickly, before applying for permanent residency once in South Africa. Whether you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of retiring in South Africa, ready to transfer to permanent residence or as a South African business, you need to source skilled employees from overseas, Global Visas have the experience and the expertise to obtain the South African immigration services you need.

New Zealand Visa

The Australian branch of Global Visas employs immigration consultants registered with New Zealand immigration authorities, ensuring we are fully qualified to handle all New Zealand visa applications. As a vibrant, growing country, New Zealand is in high demand and NZ immigration is one of our most popular products. Click on the free assessment below to enquire about moving to New Zealand today.

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